Tricks and Routines for Easy Weight Loss

Tricks and Routines for Easy Weight Loss


The Minimum Effective Dose for Weight Loss

When trying to accomplish any task or goal, it is important to recognize what activities or actions give you the biggest return on your investment. In medicine, they call this the minimum effective dose. Why take 10 grams of a prescription drug when 1 gram will result in similar outcomes? In fact, this is the entire principle that the Dreamline Journal is based upon!

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So how does this relate to weight loss and health? If you have spent any time on the internet searching for weight loss tips, I am sure that you will find hundreds, if not thousands, of diets, exercise routines, supplements, and various weight loss “hacks”. Despite this vast amount of information, coupled with just how hard it is to lose weight, I believe that trying to implement more than one action step, piece of advice, exercise routine, or diet at a time is setting yourself up for disaster.

I am sure that you are not stranger to the difficulties of making positive changes to your health and to your weight. Then why do we all (myself included) make things so damn difficult? Instead of making a few MINOR tweaks to our habits, we try to go on a 30 day liquid diet or take some other extreme measure! Instead, we should focus on the smallest activities or actions (these are called Paretos in The Dreamline Journal) that give you the biggest bang for your buck!

Here are a few “Paretos” that I believe are easy to implement, yet produce great results!

Weight Loss MED (Minimum Effective Dose):

  • Consume 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes upon waking

This rule is pretty straight forward and I am pretty certain that if you can follow this rule for 30 days in a row that you will lose weight (Don’t go eating pizza every meal after breakfast just to prove me wrong!).

In my opinion, this rule is effective not because of physiological differences that happen when consuming protein instead of carbohydrates or sugar, instead it is effective more so because of the habits that you are forming. Think about it: intuitively, which seems healthier-waking up, pouring a bowl of cereal in a confused daze, and consuming mostly carbohydrates and sugar to start your day? Or waking up, preparing a few egg whites with an avocado, and eating a tasty breakfast full of vitamins, healthy fats, and protein? You don’t have to be a dietician or chemist to understand which one of these options is a better way to start your day.


The first thing in the morning is the perfect time to set the tone for the rest of your day. Making one small healthy decision first thing will do wonders for the remainder of your day.

Please don’t overthink this rule. Just get 30 grams within 30 minutes. That’s it. Don’t worry too much about the rest of the day. I am certain that just by focusing on this rule that you will see great success.

  • Exercise with 1-2 hours of waking

Exercising first thing in the morning is a great way to start your day. Doing so sets the entirety of your day up for success. You are much less likely to eat unhealthy foods later in the day when you have put in extra effort first thing in the morning to become healthier!

This exercise session doesn’t have to be a full on intense workout, it can be something as simple as going for a 15-30 minute walk. You will see great benefits either way. In fact, sometimes I prefer to do a light workout or walk first thing in the morning and then I will complete a more difficult workout later in the day.

Last, exercising early in the morning will increase your rate of complying to an exercise routine. If you wait to workout until later in the day you are more likely to find excuses and reasons why that you can’t get to the gym. Kids will get sick, there will be traffic, dinner will need to be cooked, I get that! However, most of these tasks (kids not included) will never be dealt with at 6am….so wake up and get moving!


Let’s get going! 

You could worry for days about what diet you are going to go on, what your exact exercise routine is going to be, or what gym you plan to attend, or you could focus your efforts on much easier tasks that will give you greater results.

Don’t let paralysis by analysis set in and be the reason you aren’t seeing results. Stop worrying so much about the details and worry more about 1-3 actions that you can reasonably accomplish that will almost guarantee life changes. However, don’t let me dictate your habits for you. Although I believe that exercising and eating protein early in the morning are two easy ways to kickstart a healthier life, there are many other easy to implement habits and activities that may work better for you and your schedule.

What 1-3 actions, habits, or routines do you believe you can implement into your life that are easy for you to complete on a consistent basis?

Comment below and let me know what changes you plan on making! Don’t forget to subscribe for insider updates on specials on the Dreamline Journal!

With that being said, I will now relieve you from reading this post and allow you to take action on reaching your goals:)

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